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Includes 4 Conferences


Comprehensible Online
Comprehensible Online

Includes 4 Online Conferences!

A wide variety of sessions and presenters!

  • Comprehensible Online 2018
  • Comprehensible Online 2019
  • Comprehensible Online 2020

What Our Participants Have to Say...

Scott, what an awesome way to put a conference together. Thanks much! I look so forward to viewing everything I can get my hands on :))

Karrie Alberts

Thanks so much for organizing this! I am so so excited - I live in England and can never make it to conferences in the US so this is exciting to see all these presentations!

Laura Kanka

Scott and all, thanks for making available this awesome conference beyond borders! Best wishes from New Zealand x

Margarita Pérez García

My colleague who has children at home would find it impossible to attend a national or regional conference (even if the district were willing to pay for it), but she's here for Comprehensible Online! Thank you so much for coordinating this affordable, accessible, self-paced professional development opportunity. It is of particular value to those teachers who have certain obligations that simply prevent them from participating in any of the other conferences we know and love.

Laura Devlin

HOW COOOOOOL that we can all be together but in completely different places at ONCE! YAYYYYY

Annabelle Allen

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