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Included Sessions:

from a variety of presenters

  • ABCs of TPR (Total Physical Response)
  • Super Verbs & Sweet 16 Verbs
  • Classroom Demo – Latin 1, Discipulus Illustris (i.e. Special Person)
  • Classroom Demo: Classroom discussions in upper-level French
  • Classroom Demo – Latin 1 from Day 1
  • Classroom Demo – Latin 1, Input-Based Strategies & Activities
  • Classroom Demo – Latin 1, Quick Quizzes
  • Classroom Demo – Latin 1, Story Asking
  • Classroom Demo – Troubleshooting
  • Brain Breaks 2.0
  • Classroom Jobs
  • Classroom Management 101
  • Classroom Management 2.0
  • Manage your class by Engaging All Students
  • Managing Whole Group Discussion
  • These Kids are Driving Me Crazy
  • Required Curriculum: How to mesh CI best practices with mandatory curriculum
  • TPRS from a Textbook, CI from a Curriculum
  • Universal Language Curriculum (ULC)
  • Activities for Pre-Literate Students
  • The Minimalist Elementary Teacher
  • Unicornio Malo/Bad Unicorn
  • Every Moment Matters
  • Setting Up a New Classroom
  • Setting up for Success: Classroom Layout, Posters, Grade Book
  • Start From The Heart
  • Starting the Year
  • Starting the Year Off Right!
  • Assessment for Acquisition
  • Grade Smarter, Not Harder
  • No-Prep Grading & Assessment
  • Performance vs Proficiency Assessments and Why You Should Care
  • Speaking Assessments: From Performance to Proficiency
  • Strategies to Help Novices Become Intermediates
  • Typical Proficiency and Performance Levels
  • Writing for Upper Levels
  • Designing a Secondary Spanish Heritage Speaker Curriculum
  • Expand your Class Library for Heritage Learners of Spanish
  • How Adopting a Workshop Model Transformed our Spanish Heritage Courses
  • How to Start a Heritage Language Program
  • Meeting the Needs of Heritage Learners in the Language Acquisition Classroom
  • Preventing Burnout for Spanish Heritage Teachers
  • All the World's a Stage: Reader's Theater
  • Browsing Strategies!!! The Secret to Engaging Students with a Class Library
  • Building a Classroom Library
  • Co-Creating Embedded Readings
  • Creating a Reading SSR/FVR Program
  • Fun With Free Voluntary Reading
  • How to "teach" a novel
  • The Missing First Link to Successful Pleasure Reading Programs: Class-Created Texts
  • Powerful Strategies to Display Your Class Library
  • Reading to Writing: Scaffolding for Novice-Level Students
  • Spicing up the whole class novel
  • Using Variety with Novels in a TPRS Classroom
  • Phonetics for Language Teachers
  • The Psychology of Stories and why our Brains Crave Them
  • Research and Language Teaching
  • Card Talk for Upper Levels
  • Making the Most of Movie Talks
  • Picture Talk or (Building Proficiency Through Images)
  • 10 Top Ways to Coach Yourself to Better CI Teaching
  • A Little Love
  • Being Culturally Responsive in the World Language Classroom through Inclusive Storytelling
  • Beyond Say and Do: Bringing "Think and Feel" into the WL Classroom
  • Comprehensible Games
  • Comprehension-based Language Teaching Online
  • Content-Based Instruction with Storytelling (CBIS)
  • Creativity in a Straitjacket: how to write a CI reader under 100 unique words
  • Crazy for Circumlocution
  • Get Fluenter! Language Improvement for CI Teachers
  • How To Draw Good
  • How to Stay 90% or More in the Target Language Starting in your Beginning Level Classes
  • Implementing Mindfulness, Growing Love & Developing Proficiency in a Language Classroom
  • The Importance Of Purposefulness
  • Interactive-ish Notebooks
  • Is All CI Created Equal?
  • Let’s improvise
  • Life Hacks: Classroom Edition
  • Maximizing Input with Special Person Interviews
  • Mindfulness in the TL: Fostering Peace and Proficiency at the Same Time
  • My Favorite Things- Quick CI Activities to fill in the blanks
  • Nuts and Bolts of National Board Certification
  • Pique Proficiency
  • Teaching with Student Actors
  • Tech Tips and Tricks: Increase Engagement and SAVE TIME!
  • Undercover Input: Let’s play
  • Vivid Vocabulary: Activities for Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention in the CI Classroom
  • Want To Be A Better CI Teacher? Be A CI Learner!
  • What’s holding you back? Breaking through the CI / TPRS Wall
  • Write with Your Classes & Publish Your Own CI Novel

What Our Participants Have to Say...

Scott, what an awesome way to put a conference together. Thanks much! I look so forward to viewing everything I can get my hands on :))

Karrie Alberts

Thanks so much for organizing this! I am so so excited - I live in England and can never make it to conferences in the US so this is exciting to see all these presentations!

Laura Kanka

Scott and all, thanks for making available this awesome conference beyond borders! Best wishes from New Zealand x

Margarita Pérez García

My colleague who has children at home would find it impossible to attend a national or regional conference (even if the district were willing to pay for it), but she's here for Comprehensible Online! Thank you so much for coordinating this affordable, accessible, self-paced professional development opportunity. It is of particular value to those teachers who have certain obligations that simply prevent them from participating in any of the other conferences we know and love.

Laura Devlin

HOW COOOOOOL that we can all be together but in completely different places at ONCE! YAYYYYY

Annabelle Allen

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