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Included Sessions:

from a variety of presenters

  • Compelling and Comprehensible from Day One
  • New to CI? 4 things to remember
  • Help! I don’t know where to start!
  • Differentiation: questions, strategies in the moment
  • First Days of CI: The first 15 days of Level One
  • How to facilitate debates in the upper levels
  • Watching teachers on video: Professional development to the next level
  • Write & Discuss
  • All systems are a go! Tools and tricks to make your classroom run smoothly
  • Building Relationships
  • Classroom Management Simplified and Comprehensified!
  • Engagement Requires Relationships : A Mindful Approach to Classroom Management
  • Setting Up & Revisiting The Classroom Space
  • Starting the Year Off Right!
  • No Field Trip Needed: Elevating Engagement & Acquisition Through Multisensory Experiences
  • Date talk: bringing diversity to the classroom
  • Going Beyond the Cloze: Hidden Benefits of Using Music to Teach Culture
  • Target Culture Content-Based Instruction
  • Comprehensible Culture
  • Comprehensible Culture: Lesson Sequences
  • What to do when you can do anything: choosing, designing, and organizing curriculum for a small (or not so small) department
  • No-Prep Lesson Plans
  • Street Art: A Unit Plan for all levels
  • Goal Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word
  • Who We Teach Part One: Dyslexic and Neurodiverse Learners
  • Who We Teach Part Two: Generation Z
  • Elementary Curriculum Development
  • Herding Kittens: CI Activities for Pre-Literate Students
  • Reading in the Elementary Classroom
  • On a Wild Goose Chase
  • Steps to Awesome Quick Writes
  • Assessment for Acquisition: A new vision for grading
  • Performance Assessments
  • Proficiency-based Grading
  • Using Student Reflection as an Assessment Tool
  • Classroom Management Tips and Tricks for Heritage Classes
  • Serving Heritage Students in Regular Language Classes
  • Heritage Teacher Bootcamp
  • Celebrating and Expanding Your Intermediate TPRS/CI Skills
  • StartBook Clubs with Novellas: Creating, Assessing, and Keeping Students Engaged
  • Bringing SSR to World Languages
  • Build It and They Will Read!- Creating a Homerun Reading Program
  • Comprehensible and easy-to-read: writing comprehensible texts accessible to learners with intellectual disabilities
  • Comprehensifying Texts
  • Concrete Tips to Rock Write and Discuss!
  • Deeper Insights: Reading Texts with Compassionate Eyes
  • Designing reading texts for beginners in a new script & for reluctant readers
  • Differentiation with Forethought
  • The Extensive Reading Notebook: Aim for 1,000,000 words!Powerful Reading in Novice Classrooms
  • Revving up for Readers: Planning for Whole-Class Novel Reading
  • Simple, Daily Reading Options
  • Teaching a Whole Class Novel
  • Using Literature Circles to Develop Independent Readers and Responsive Thinkers
  • Whole-Class Reading & Re-Reading Strategies
  • Meet the researchers: SLA experts explain how input benefits learners
  • “Those Other Methods”: A brief history of language teaching methods
  • Intro to Sociolinguistics
  • Teacher Wellness: Burnout is Bad for Everyone
  • Feel the Burn not the Burnout
  • What the Tech?
  • CI with Technology
  • CI for Thematic Units
  • CI + Textbooks: How to make it work
  • Textbooked CI: How to Use Your Textbook as a Resource in the CI Classroom
  • 3 Secrets for Killer Attention-Getting Stories
  • ABCs of TPR
  • “Adapting Popular CI Strategies for the ASL Classroom”
  • All fun and games (and no one will get hurt)
  • The “Art” of Picture Talk
  • CI in the Upper-Level Classroom
  • Co-creating Embedded Readings With Your Class
  • Comprehensible Input in the Upper Levels Classrooms
  • Creating ‘at home’ input: making a movie and book library for at home and in class
  • Designing the Classroom with the Brain in Mind: Brain-based Language Instruction (Part 1)
  • Designing the Classroom with the Brain in Mind: Brain-based Language Instruction (Part 2)
  • Getting To Know You
  • Hone your Story Skills with these 6 Story
  • Keep Your Strategies Simple and Flexible
  • Master the One Word Image technique
  • Movie Talk: Ageless, Timeless, Priceless
  • Movie Talk + Embedded Reading: Taking Movie Talks to the next Level
  • Not all CI is created equal.
  • Novel Twists on Old Faves!
  • Rising language through community building
  • Stories and Songs
  • Scaffolding Mini-Stories to provide 90%+ CI
  • Tandem Teaching (Croisé au Francais)
  • Using Graphic Organizers to Help Students Focus, and to Differentiate for a Range of Abilities
  • Utilizing Student Actors
  • What’s holding you back? Breaking through the CI / TPRS Wall
  • Brain Breaks 3.0
  • Comprehension-based Language Teaching Online
  • Crosstalk, learn a language while you practice your communication skills
  • Let’s improvise
  • Life Hacks: Class Room Edition, Vol 2
  • They say a picture is worth 1000 words...

What Our Participants Have to Say...

Scott, what an awesome way to put a conference together. Thanks much! I look so forward to viewing everything I can get my hands on :))

Karrie Alberts

Thanks so much for organizing this! I am so so excited - I live in England and can never make it to conferences in the US so this is exciting to see all these presentations!

Laura Kanka

Scott and all, thanks for making available this awesome conference beyond borders! Best wishes from New Zealand x

Margarita Pérez García

My colleague who has children at home would find it impossible to attend a national or regional conference (even if the district were willing to pay for it), but she's here for Comprehensible Online! Thank you so much for coordinating this affordable, accessible, self-paced professional development opportunity. It is of particular value to those teachers who have certain obligations that simply prevent them from participating in any of the other conferences we know and love.

Laura Devlin

HOW COOOOOOL that we can all be together but in completely different places at ONCE! YAYYYYY

Annabelle Allen

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