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Included Sessions:

from a variety of presenters

  • Introduction to TPRS
  • Back to Basics: Storyasking
  • Is CI enough?
  • Movie Talk - it's all about the story!
  • Community through Class Meeting
  • Path to Proficiency Through Storytelling and CI
  • Picture This!
  • Getting started with TPRS stories
  • Getting started with TPRS stories
  • TPRS in a Primary EFL Context
  • Small Change, Big Impact: The Power of Adjectives
  • What is ComprehendED Input and Why Does it Matter?
  • Engaging Energizers! Brain Breaks for the win!
  • Back to Basics with CI
  • Teaching CI methods to illiterate adults!
  • Picture Talk: From Community Building to Developing Fluency
  • Teaching with CI novels
  • Fluency with an intermediate class
  • Elevate Your Intermediate Learners with Comprehensible Input
  • Beyond the Story
  • StartDeep, Rich Class Conversations with OWIs
  • Improvisation
  • The creative stage of TPRS
  • How to be an anti-racist in the CI classroom?
  • Create Asynchronous Stories with SnapCamera characters
  • Authentic Voices
  • Using Nearpod and Pear Deck to Ease the Pandemonium
  • Story Listening in action
  • Beginning Russian with a Twist
  • Use One Culturally-Authentic Resource to Plan for All Your Levels
  • Winning Over a Tough Crowd: Building Relationships Amidst a Global Pandemic
  • Classroom Management for CI Teachers
  • How To Organize Your [Teaching] Life
  • Maintaining motivation in the CI classroom through effective classroom management
  • How do learners participate in comprehension-based classrooms?
  • Giving quick directions to participate in different activity contexts
  • ake Your German Lessons from Sauer to Süß!
  • Elementary Curriculum Design
  • Gender and Sexuality in the Language Classroom
  • Unlocking Art for your Students
  • Creating Space for Critical Conversations
  • Unbleach Your Curriculum In a CI Classroom
  • The Nitty Gritty on Creating Compelling Interactive Slides
  • Designing a Cultural & Equitable Enriched Curriculum
  • A few of my favorite things...for the German CI classroom
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment and Showing Long-Term Growth
  • One Teacher’s Journey into Beginning Antiracist Work in a Level 1 Class
  • Making Authentic Resources Comprehensible in the Early Levels
  • Bad Unicorn
  • It's All Fun and Games with Early Elementary
  • Tips and Tricks for Elementary CI Teaching
  • Poster, Poster, On the Wall...
  • When the World Is Crashing In and You Don't Have a Plan
  • Movie Talk/Clip Chat: Ageless, Priceless, Timeless
  • Out of the Box and Out of the Classroom!
  • 3 Multilevel Activities to Work Smarter & Not Harder
  • "Date Talk": bringing diversity to your classroom in five a day
  • Persona Especial Student Interviews, The Key to True Interpersonal Proficiency
  • CI with Jamboard - Caitlin McKinney (31:09)
  • Tricks to expose your students to rich comprehensible language and a variety of texts.
  • “Imagine!”: Planning for play in language classrooms
  • Tips and Treasures for this Strange New World
  • How to Make Your Own Movietalks: Everything from Short Cartoons to Videogame Reviews!
  • Finding the story
  • Google Walking Tours and Surveys
  • Hush….Listen! The “other” MovieTalk
  • The Special Person Interview: build community and manage your classroom
  • Increasing comprehension and engagement in the language classroom through drawing and visual teaching/learning: a two-part workshop
  • Increasing comprehension and engagement in the language classroom through drawing and visual teaching/learning: a two-part workshop
  • Better Cultural Comparisons: Starting with the Culture in the Room
  • Life Hacks: Classroom Edition #2020
  • Feedback in the CI-Centered Classroom
  • Deconstructing the AP Reading & Listening Questions
  • Lighten your load! Student goal setting & self- assessment
  • Power Tools for Assessment and Backwards Design That Makes Sense
  • Take What You Need: Heritage Learners & Comprehensible Input
  • Making songs 100% comprehensible
  • Comprehended LLLAB
  • Reading in the Elementary classroom
  • Reading is Rockin'
  • Magic Tricks to get Students to Read and Re-read!
  • The Power of Choice in CYOA style novels
  • Book Tasting! How to Help Students Browse Your FVR Library
  • The DIY One Sheet of Paper CI Book of Greatness
  • Quick Guide to Making a Backward Plan from a Reader
  • Slide Talk Stories
  • Whole Class Novella Reading (As Early As Year 1, Day 2!)
  • The Magic of Independent Reading
  • Quality principles for Language Learner Literature and teacher-created texts
  • Three-Level Statement Guide
  • The Read-Aloud Experience
  • Research is for everyone!
  • Through a Classroom Lens: Krashen's Hypotheses in the Real World
  • Empower Your CI Classroom with Social Emotional Learning
  • My Virtual German Successes
  • So you want to be an interpreter!

What Our Participants Have to Say...

Scott, what an awesome way to put a conference together. Thanks much! I look so forward to viewing everything I can get my hands on :))

Karrie Alberts

Thanks so much for organizing this! I am so so excited - I live in England and can never make it to conferences in the US so this is exciting to see all these presentations!

Laura Kanka

Scott and all, thanks for making available this awesome conference beyond borders! Best wishes from New Zealand x

Margarita Pérez García

My colleague who has children at home would find it impossible to attend a national or regional conference (even if the district were willing to pay for it), but she's here for Comprehensible Online! Thank you so much for coordinating this affordable, accessible, self-paced professional development opportunity. It is of particular value to those teachers who have certain obligations that simply prevent them from participating in any of the other conferences we know and love.

Laura Devlin

HOW COOOOOOL that we can all be together but in completely different places at ONCE! YAYYYYY

Annabelle Allen

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